A Most Unusual Distress Call

Originally published at: A Most Unusual Distress Call – Molten Aether News

At 2300 hours on December 26th, 2385 reporters from the Soteria News Service received an unusual signal via the lower spectrum of the subspace local communications band. The signal is a repeating sequence spelling out coordinates and asking for assistance. The ship’s identification is encoded in the signal but the ship is not found in any database.

The ship identifies itself as the STV Arden Trinity, it identifies itself as registry number TOV-199257-D. The distress call itself has only a simple repeating digital message; repeatedly declaring the vessel to have suffered a catastrophic failure and requesting immediate assistance. There is no voice component to the message and reporters, upon receiving the signal, immediately attempted to raise the vessel on the same and tertiary subspace channels to no avail. The incident was reported to Solas Tempus and the Concord. Solas Tempus reported that no vessel has that designated under that name nor with that registry number, yet they have reported that they are attempting to pinpoint the location the signal has originated from so that they can dispatch rescue vessels. Apparently the coordinates given the message are for an area of deep space and there is too much space to cover, long range probes detect no vessel at those coordinates. Probes have been launched to search nearby areas of space, trying to locate the origin of the signal.

When asked for her comments on this unknown signal and if Solas Tempus had any issues responding to such an unusual signal; Vice Admiral Vermilion of the Search and Rescue division of Solas Tempus responded:

“We’ve got a ship in trouble, doesn’t matter if we’ve never heard of it. All the questions can get asked later, for now we mean to find them and rescue them – whoever they are. Once the crew is safe, then I have some questions for them. Until then, it’s about making sure that we answer the voice from the darkness asking for help. No one gets left behind on my watch.”

Vice Admiral Minute Vermilion, Rescue Services

Further investigation has revealed that the type and method of distress call are also not in use by any known race. Our investigation is ongoing to discover as much as possible and it has been requested that a reported be allowed to travel with the rescue team once dispatched.

Update: As of 0500 hours this morning, December 27th 2385, it is confirmed that the subspace signal originated in a different area of space, STR feels that they are close to pinpointing a location to send rescue vessels to.

This is the start of an extended story line that will become an event at some point. All players who with to participate are requested to respond in the forum thread. All characters approved for Blazing Umbra are welcome to participate in any capacity they wish.