A Lover's Ear Will Hear the Lowest Sound (Lance and Drem)

Lance took the hand of Drem as he opened the screen door. They were in the middle of the rolling hills of Scotland’s highlands. It was quickly losing twilight and giving way to the empty night sky, stars twinkling silently in the air a the full moon’s shine bathed everything in a soft pale light. He held her hand after closing the door behind them. It was not a warm time of year in Scotland, not by a long shot but neither of them cared all that much. Winter and the early spring got the clearest nights. The air was crisp and somehow it always made him feel alive when the air was that crisp outside, soft breeze blowing it past his face as they walked away and just out beyond the path into the hills.

Drem confoscho enjoyed nice, and calm AC, but being out in the cold, crisp and sharp air, it felt nice. Like getting oxygen from a flower JUST as it releases it. It’s a satisfying feeling to feel the cold air easily flow through your nostrils and into your body. As she held his hand, walking along the beautiful moonlit tall-grass fields, they come to find a nice, high up hill, viewing over milesand miles of land. She loved the sight, and smiled… it reminded her of her first ever place to call home. Back few years ago when she thought she’d rid herself of her enemies, she settled down and calmed down in a small, secluded town, only 10x10 miles. It was surrounded by mountains, and it felt so…pure. Hell, Drem doesn’t even know where it was, she wished so dearly she could go back.
You could sit on the mountains for hours and not get bored. It was such a nice place… this place wasn’t the same, but it sure, by far, reminded her of her first ever ‘home’.

Lance was thinking about something similar, back on the ranch when he and Kylaria had finally moved in together before they wed, it was like that there. He looks at her and realizes that they’re not talking… Not sharing so he just starts, quietly, talking to her, “This reminds me of a ranch I used to live on. At night the desert felt like this, cold but clean, clear.” he looked out at the grass, “It was dry there, but…” he inhaled sharply, “The earth didn’t smell as good there though.”

She listened to him speak, she loved hearing about him and his life, after he had finished, and the silence cleared in again, she slowly began to speak. Her voice always seemed normal, not very high not quiet either. But now that they were out in the world, with no echo’s, none of her voice being loud, he could tell something interesting…
When she spoke, her voice had this… tone to it. This tone sounded normal when they were near loud sounds, or the city, but once they were alone, or far, far away from any others, he could tell her voice was much softer, much quieter… It was smooth, like the wind, her words just flew along with the breeze. “I used to live in a very small town… With one of my good friends a few years ago. It was surrounded by mountains, and the only way you could get to it was by either train, which was extremely expensive, and high class, or go over the mountains yourself. It was a very beautiful and Nice place… these mountains, the calm air high where it should be windy, and… Just it all… it feels like before… it feels like where I spent some of the best moments of my life…” Drem wouldn’t Continue from there, she would not go into anymore of what this place was… Those memories hurt her too much to be dug back up, and lance himself should have the common sense to not try and dig those up, peacefully, or forcefully.

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He listened to her and nodded quietly, “When I was growing up, the cascade mountains were not far away and as you travelled up the only road to go through them you’d see these cabins, or little collections of cabins. People, just living their lives, but so disconnected from everywhere else it was like you were on some far away world. I used to go stay in the mountains in the summers, on the way to the coast.”


She listened to what he said, her head slowly leaning to his shoulder subconsciously, as she looked out. She eventually sat down in the soft grass, and pats the grass by her, suggesting he sit down. “I wonder… that sounds nice… to be disconnected from the world for awhile… I’d enjoy that a lot…To be able to clear your head of everything for once, and just relax…” Drem always had a lot on her mind, despite being so calm and collected on the outside. She really was an Odd person.

He didn’t find her odd at all, in fact the more time he spent around her the more she made sense to him. It was odd that way, as usually people just made him angry at their stupidity. Instead he listened to her while she talked, and then just said the first thing to come to mind, “We could do that, for a while.”

She smiled lightly, still looking out across the Horizon. The cold breeze began to pick up just a bit. Her steel black, long, silky hair flew very lightly in the breeze, as she turned to lance, she smiled lightly, “That sounds nice…”


He couldn’t help but look on at her as her hair blew in the wind before he finally looked at the horizon again, “That would be lovely, wouldn’t it?” he said in a sad and almost resigned voice. The trouble was he did have vacation time coming but he was pretty sure he couldn’t just unplug from the entire world for that long. He didn’t know about Drem but he knew that he had obligations which went beyond his budding love for her. Still, he was working his brain to figure out how to get around those, at least for a while.

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As much as Drem did want that as well, and she could take as much time off as she needed, she couldn’t stop, and just relax. It would be an extremely long time before she could do that… she nodded lightly, her smile fading a tad. “In the future.” Is allshe said, maybe In the near, or far future, they can set a date, but right now, Drem couldn’t clear her mind of worries ever. She simply had so much going on, she needed a break, but she couldn’t get one for awhile… this trip with lance was the best she would get.

He looks at her, thinking for a bit. Then he sighs, but it isn’t an unhappy sigh, “I pretty much have free reign of where I want to go on most days, sounds like you do too so long as you keep moving.” he pauses for a moment, looking out at the moonlit hills, “I have a lot of say in what goes on at my base, I wonder how you’d feel about being able to stay around me more often, and still get some excitement in?”

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SHe didn’t really know how she’d feel. Drem didn’t really have an opinion on the military, navy, FBI, Police, ETC. But they did scare her sometimes. that was when she was young though, and she doubts she would care if she was looked at as odd by people at lance’s base. “That sounds like it could be fun.” she said with a smile. Drem did take into mind that she wold be much more protected there, from whomst she was running from.

“I…” he smiles and then takes the plunge, “I don’t really like the idea of going our separate ways after this. I just, want to keep seeing you.” he sighs at that, it is a contented sigh though. “I was just thinking that, we could maybe team up a bit… Travel together, until we get tired of each other.” and he smiles with a bit of a mischievous smile at that.

“I don’t wanna go seperate ways either… I’d love to team up, even if it was only for awhile, Even if it was only for a bit.” she smiled, finally turning to him for once and making eye contact, “I’d really like that, Lance.”

He positively beams at her then, “Besides, if anyone comes after you while we’re teamed up, lets just say they’d be sorry.” he settles in a little bit and then just flops down on the dew-wet grass and pulls her down with him, looking at the stars, as their hands touch they both get a flash… Each of them different… His is the bridge of the Rising Sun, with a little girl running around the consoles with her arms out making whooshing noises. The laughter fills the air and then it’s gone. Hers is going up to a the bridge, or as her memory remembers it the big room her mom and dad worked in with a tough guy who took care of her often when they were gone, running around pretending to be commanding her own ship and how she’d have all these adventures!

She chuckled, “My knight in shining armor!” she said in a calm tone, before being pulled down with him into the nice, damp grass. She looked up at the shining stars, before her vision showed her something… It felt like a memory. Drem had rarely seen anything of her parent’s, atleast the side of them she cared for. They looked so… different. They looked like they cared, The memory did bring a small tear to her eye, just a tiny one… "

He was processing his memory, which had more details of the room than hers did, of course… The other Drem as a child, he looked at her, “Did… You see that too?” it was a simple question but filled with meaning, “It’s like a memory but… It couldn’t be.”

She was astounded, What in the world? “Y-Yeah… What in the world was that…? It couldn’t have been memory…I don’t ever remember that…” She said, still lost in the thought process.

He looked at her thinking things over in his mind and he looks at her, “It feels different than my life,” he says while he thinks trying to describe it in more concrete terms, “It feels like I’m not me, and I remember the room clearly, there was a monitor with stars on it and it was military but I’ve never seen uniforms like those.”

She nodded, “It didn’t look like a monitor… It looked like some sort of Star trip (Star trek) ship, But I can’t quite think of that… Everything looked blurry, But I think that was because I was in the vision of what seemed like… A child, or a kid… I can’t be sure…”