A link from the present to the past (open ended)

A small flash and a large tablet appears on the earth in Soteria. A clay tablet from aeons past, from the beginning of records history. It sits in a condition that seems like it was untouched by age. The tablet was 500cm by 300cm with inscriptions on it from three ancient languages whose cultures did not meet. Mayan glyths, cuneiform, and oracle bone script. Apart from that there are magical energies radiating from the tablet itself as if there is something more going on with it

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Feeling the sudden arrival of a new force of either Light or Darkness, James heads to investigate with his Ghost in tow. Phil attempts to pinpoint the location of the tablet so they can find it easily.

Duke, having been hunting local fauna in the area, picks up the strange readings of a new object. After witnessing the glint of the flash, he makes his way from the hills to the approximate location of the tablet. Donned in 21st century hunting clothing, he forms a Sig Sauer SMG out of more reflex than necessity.

Whether following through sending the magic or even visually spotting it since it is 5 meters by 3 meters it would make a large disturbance in the local flora. Both would find it in the middle of a field of grass facing up with the writing on it clearly visible.

James approached and kneeled. Phil went to scan it, looking over the tablet.

Duke jogged across the field to the tablet and the two men. He slowed as he approached, gesturing to the two.
“Didn’t expect anyone else to have arrived this quickly” he said with a grin, already leaning to read the texts, recognizing the Mayan but not understanding any of the three languages

The tablet upon being scanned Phil would see that the clay was a layer over what is originally a stone tablet. The magical energies are mostly positive but there are hints of negative energies.

Phil starts working on deciphering the inscriptions.

The first thing Phil would be able to decipher is the Mayan glyphs it would read
‘I’m bright but I’m not clever
I burn but I’m not a bonfire
I twinkle but I’m not an eye
I can be seen at night but I’m not the moon’

“Oh boy!” Phil chuckles, his machine body whirring. “I love puzzles!” He floats around the tablet, looking for more inscriptions.

“Star? Comet? Planet maybe”
Its clear by Dukes puzzled expression that riddles are not his forte

The next one written in cuneiform reads as
‘i am the architect of the aeons,
archon of archons,
my name is the word,
and the light of the world who am I?’

James replies to Duke. “I will leave the riddles to my Ghost.” He chuckles lightly.

The Ghost makes one last check for inscriptions.

“A calculator would be more useful than me” he replies

The final riddle in Oracle bone script reads as follows
'i am the helper of the gods,
my bretherin are countless
the devout ask for my protection
the profane beg for my mercy
what am I?"

At the bottom written in ancient Hebrew would now read
“To break the seal and claim your prize the three riddles you must solve. But there is more than that needed, the final riddle is the relationships between the answers”

“We need a Cryptarch.” Phil sighs. “I can translate, but my knowledge of ancient human culture is limited.”

“Do you know who we might call, stranger?” James asks Duke.

OOC Cy has offered help with the riddles if someone contacts nimbus about this

“Those techies aren’t paid for nothing”
He pulls up his sleeve, exposing a lower arm surrounded by armoured plating, embedded in which is a PADD.
Tapping it, he hails Nimbus
“Duke to Nimbus, we need a cryptarch or anyone who can solve a riddle frankly. Over”

Nimbus receives the call and calls back, “This is Operations, what is the issue Mr. Blitz?” comes back.

He runs a hand through his hair, sighing.
“Some sort of tablet just ‘popped’ onto the surface with a flash. I’m being told it has magical properties and all. I’ll send you an image of the markings on it. Some kind of riddle promising a reward” with that he uploads an image of the tablet to Operations along with its translation