A Liars Promise Notes


After Lance receives a cryptic message announcing the death of a former mentor, Lance must figure out why Lady J was in hiding and what threat it poses to him and Solas Tempus. Lady J would not have sent out a message upon her death unless she wanted him to investigate. Through the course of the investigation Lance will find out what happened to Drem and who is responsible. He will also have the opportunity to avenge the death of Lady J.

What is happening?

There is a mystery involving an old teacher Lady J / Jenny of Lance’s which he only discovered after she died.

Where is it happening at?

Lady J was living in the Capetian System for the last part of her life, though it is unclear why.

Why is it happening?

Lance begins an investigation and finds that Lady J has left clues for him at a small horse farm property she owned in the Capetian system. The initial investigation takes place here.

Who is it happening to?

Lance is trying to figure out what happened to his former teacher and mentor Lady J. He smells something fishy is going on. This is compounded by the disappearance of his wife, Drem, this same year.

Lure (Attracting Player Characters)

Lance has a mystery to solve about someone who was once very important to him.

Hook (Why shouldn’t they just quit?)

Lance would like some kind of closure from his past, something left wide open after the death of prominent figures from that past such as Candy and Lady J. With the disappearance of Drem he feels untethered and needs to continue to find some answers.

Plot Elements

Cryptic Message

“If you are receiving this, I’m dead. I thought you should know. You were better than I could ever be, stay that way.” - Lady J

Why was Lady J in hiding?

Lady J lead a dangerous life. An old enemy came knocking and forced her into hiding. This was compounded by her own failing health. While Lance and the others from Operation Coldstone got the benefits of Temporal Aging, Lady J did not. In her 90’s her health was failing and while the mind was willing, the body was not. She was forced into hiding, having paid old contacts in the 7 Years Enterprises company to quietly keep her hidden on the planet Antoinette.

Lady J was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease. While it was kept secret for several years, the information eventually leaked out. It was well known to her enemies that her health would quickly deteriorate beyond a certain point. This was when they made a move to strike.

Enemies she had made protecting Lance & crew in the early days after Operation Coldstone ended came looking from her as her health failed. They wanted to get information on deeds Lance & Company did while working for Section 31, it was known that Lady J had a photographic memory and rumored she kept records of such missions as insurance against betrayal. A faction within Section 31 looking to undermine Solas Tempus and their strangle hold on the usage of time travel technology were seeking secrets which had long since been purged from the system of Section 31 in order to provide plausible deniability. Lady J also had files on Jaden Quackan and the same group which wished to undermine Solas Tempus is also related to the escape of Jaden. The escape clarified the urgency of their operation and lead them to act more quickly.


Act 1 - Investigation

  • Discover why Lady J was in hiding.
  • Discover who wanted her death.
  • Figure out what the group was after.
  • Figure out who actually killed Lady J.

Act 2 - Race & Recovery

  • The group is after the hidden documents that Lady J has.
  • Locate the documents and get to them before Section 31 does.
  • Cannot jeopardize the relationship with Starfleet.
  • The final act to capture the documents will involve a space battle at the same time as a ground operation to obtain the documents.

Act 3 - Truth

  • The documents will show that Section 31 attempted to abduct Drem.
    • They wanted leverage over Solas Tempus for the return of Jaden.
    • They wanted to try to force Solas Tempus / Lance to agree to turn a blind eye to time travel experiments.
    • Drem’s engines malfunctioned while she was under fire.
      • The ship was lost in a wormhole caused by an engine imbalance.
      • She is proven to be dead.
  • The documents also show Section 31 was behind the shuttle malfunction which killed Candy Poole and a number of failed plots to kill Siv and Sal as well.
  • Lance also uncovers the original orders for Jaden to take out political leaders including himself, Sal, Siv, and other leaders of Solas Tempus.
  • Lance must expose the Section 31 operatives who perpetrated these acts without damaging the relationship with Starfleet.

DId a major revision to tie in the existing plots and outlined the path the story will take.