A hunter's tale

Soo, it’s been some time since I’ve introed this particular chara which I am playing on @icywinterdawn 's Server:
A hunter from bloodborne (as far as I recall, my only not-originial character, sort of).

Like it is with every chara after some time, I’ve noticed that I did not really got a feeling for this one.
So, I’ve decided to write up some short stories from the background of the character to get a feeling.

Cold it was in the high north, Geren thought as he followed the narrow path. He was alone, no guide, no luggage. Only him, what he wears and the snow.
Oh. And the hunt.
His sole compagnion as of late distinctly points the mental finger down the path in front of him.
Back towards civilisation, to the City of Arkesh.

It was his first hunt, since his training finished, and Geren was pretty impatient what it’ll bring. Vampires? Ashen Blood? A beast?
He shivered at the latter, half from the cold, half from the thought of battling one of these infamous opponents.

And while he chases the thoughts, he leaves the narrow path and marches into an opening where there’s snow as far as the eye could see. And, most likely, even further.

Now, his mental finger, also called “Hunt” pointed right, so he turned and followed the hunt’s direction.
Geren stopped in awe as he layed his gaze on Arkesh.
The city itself surrounds a mighty fortress of old times which was build atop of a mountain, with it’s only way of access being a fortified, stoned bridge leading from his side towards the peak.
Halfway towards the bridge, a rumble interrupts him, and the snow starts moving.
‘An avalance?!’
But his expectation of a rather ingnominious was almost immediatly reverted as something giant, hard, and made of ice arose from the ground and swiftly swinged a wrecking-ball-alike fist to end the poor Hunter’s life.
Who did not even think of giving the creatures its ways, and even faster, unholsters his Blunderbuss.
Boom. Boom.
Two shots, two hits, creature interrupted.
Geren leaped close and ended the miserable life of this specimen by ripping out its inner whatever those are made off.
Mostly light-blue slime.

This is your problem., Hunter thought while he arrived at Arkesh.

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