A Holonovel (Open Ended)

Sal had sent out an invitation to the command crew of the station, they’d all been working very diligently and he made sure it was passed around that he was inviting a group of people to do a holographic novel with him and Nuria on the holodeck. The beautiful android came a moment later, tapping Sal on the shoulder, he smiled at her and gave her a hug, “Oh… Nice outfit.” He says to her, she’s dressed elegantly for a version of Victorian London suiting with the story they were going into, showing more skin than Victorian London would ever agree with though. “Thank you, not so bad yourself.” He smiled and looked at his own suit, top hat, a basic outfit looking about the same kind of outfit as her, so they looked like a pair.

Ok, so… @command gets an invite.

Mike and Leo show up, Leo had convinced his Spartan counterpart to at the very least dawn a Victorian era dress uniform, while the AI had his body wear something along the lines of a civilian get-up for the time.

“Sir, ma’am.” Mike nodded a greeting, not knowing if Nuria even had a military rank to begin with.

“Hey guys.” Leo waved with a grin.

Nuria had a rank, but she didn’t mind being called whatever someone was comfortable calling her. Sal and Nuria both nod, “Ah, glad to see you both.” she says, “I wonder if we’re going to get anyone else.”

“I hope so, this should be fun.” Leo smiles happily, obviously the more excited of the pair.

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