A few brave adventurers (open ended)

Mitra was sleeping in the the inn after renting a room when she suddenly receives a vision from her god. Terrible beasts have beset a kingdom not far from here. Beasts that Mitra has not encountered before, additionally the vision urges her to go find a group to dispose of these beasts since her strength alone will not suffice. The vision lastly let’s her know that there is some treasure to be had for her to be able to recruit mercenaries in case no one volunteered. She wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to prepare.

In the morning she is outside in the center of whiterage looking around at the people passing by. She had given the innkeeper a few coins for him to tell anyone looking to help her on her quest. If not she was prepared to offer the treasure as incentive but she would rather not. Still she was standing confidently waiting for anyone to join her.

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Stevin happens to be wandering the village, his sword and shield on his back. He had his mail coat on underneath his green tunic. He hummed as he walked along, passing Mitra by, not noticing her. He seemed of the adventuring type.

Mitra looks at Steven, going over to him. She was seven feet tall and a lizardfolk so she was hard to miss. “Excuse me mister, you want to save people?” She always had trouble speaking but it wasn’t that bad since she was one of the few lizardfolk that can talk.

Stevin turns to see the seven foot lizard person and jumps. He refrains from reaching for his blade, however, letting out a sigh. “Sorry.” He apologizes. “Sure, I would love to help some people.”

Mitra is happy, “this is good, I wait for more people. We need more people to help.” She keeps looking over the town to see anyone that answered her call to arms.

Though Mitra most likely wouldn’t find anyone around the town for a short while, she would soon come across someone who definitely stood out from the rest. Though, they wouldn’t be anyone who she knew of, in fact they’d be someone of a certain race that she most likely would have never seen before. Mostly due to how little of these people make their appearance in the public of Soteria, and mostly have bigger fish to fry elsewhere. But, this particular man was out in the public because he had to simply travel to an alleyway to meet up with a client he had.

Xan’Tanaas the ethereal was out and about in the city of Whiterage, wandering about as if he were a moving statue. He was levitating off of the ground, making him poke out from any group that he passed by, even if he were smaller than a few people, making him stand out even more. His levitation had his left leg bent to where his foot was pointing to the ground, and his right leg lazing down with only a slight bend, as one would have when letting their leg relax. What’s more, he left behind a few sounds of instantaneous hisses of energy lurking off of his body, making so that even if people didn’t see him, they couldn’t miss him. As a final touch, his cloth which held his pure energy body together slowly waved behind him like a flag, with this happening many times all across his body. Overall, Mitra would have a hard time missing him, and he would have a hard time avoiding attention to himself.

That would normally get in the way of what he was planning to do, and it actually did. But, that was only for one of the ways he did his meeting, the other way was how he would go through with his plan. With another hiss of energy, one that sounded more violent than his previous, casual ones that he gave off before, a clank noise could be heard in front of him. That noise was the sound of a bag of gold being thrown out into the streets right in front of an alleyway, with no figure in said alleyway to indicate who threw that bag of coins. But it didn’t bother Xan’Tanaas, that was what he wanted. He moves like normal, but when he got right to the bag, he flicked his index finger with his thumb, his finger pointing to the bag when it extended out from the flick. And so, a small portal opened under the bag, and with Xan’Tanaas floating over the bag, the portal had closed, and so he claimed his money

After all of that, Mitra surely shouldn’t have missed him

Mitra walked over to Xan. “Mr. celestial would you like to join band to help people? If you not like helping people there will be treasure too. Mitra usually do this herself but this time Mitra need people”

Xan’Tanaas stopped floating in his direction when Mitra came to, and simply turned his head to look at her. He merely saw her torso at first, and just stared at it for a short while, before finally looking up to her

“Treasure you say? If there are heavy wares in store for me for… as I hear it, risking my life, I see no reason to deny. You are blunt with speaking, I appreciate that of you, there is no use for pleasantries”
He says with a chuckle, in his usual casual but still sort of mysterious tone. One could only imagine if mere treasure was able to make him join on an instantaneous invite for a sort of expedition with no further context of the journey ahead

“You know magic right? Mitra need someone that know about magic” She adjusts her ‘armor’ looking at him. She is sure they could get the job done with the three of them but she would have to act as the bulk-ward of the party.