Embers of Soteria

Star Herald Paper Serving the needs of Elder Soteria providing the latest stories from all across the land.
Embers of Soteria Setting [Embers of Soteria] (2)
The Crow's Nest [Embers of Soteria] (13)
The Howling Cliffs [Embers of Soteria] (4)
Souls Templar Regroups [Star Herald Paper] (1)
Cataclysmic Eruption at Rose Palace [Star Herald Paper] (1)
Gods of the Gap (Open Ended) [Embers of Soteria] (15)
Blood, fire and stone (Open-ended) ( 2 ) [Embers of Soteria] (29)
Magic Goes Wrong (Kryter and Artis) ( 2 3 4 ) [Embers of Soteria] (68)
Daemoni Attack [Star Herald Paper] (1)
Dwarven Horns [Star Herald Paper] (1)
We Know Not What We May Be (Bernard and Athena) [Embers of Soteria] (6)
Cleansing of Demons, Nightmares Unleashed ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Embers of Soteria] (97)
Souls Templar Looking for Dangers [Star Herald Paper] (1)
Strange Things Get Stranger [Star Herald Paper] (1)
The return of A demon ( 2 ) [Embers of Soteria] (31)
A few brave adventurers (open ended) [Embers of Soteria] (11)
Unchaining the Falcon (Open Ended) [Embers of Soteria] (19)
Nearby Troubles (Open Ended) [Embers of Soteria] (2)
The Paper Face (Sunn, Cade, and Alrel) [Embers of Soteria] (10)
Music of Life is Composed of the Sounds of Fate (Open Ended) ( 2 3 ) [Embers of Soteria] (45)
Flashes of the Night Sky [Embers of Soteria] (2)
Thinning of the Veil ( 2 ) [Embers of Soteria] (27)