Blazing Umbra

Providence Truth A show that purports to tell the truth about what they don’t want the people to know. Considered by many to be salacious trash it has a number of steadfast followers who see the broadcast as the only truth left to tell the people what they truly need to know about the world. There is a good amount of controversy over the origin of the messages and the author, do they truly believe what they are saying or is there something more sinister going on? Solas Tempus COMs This area is for the internal memos and communications of Solas Tempus. They are not public knowledge. Imperial Intercepts Internal communications for the forces with oppose Solas Tempus, such as Onyx and their allies, the Galactic Empire forces spliced into the Blazing Umbra universe or those that existed in the universe to begin with. Soteria News Service Keep up to date on all the news from Soteria and the Schatten Star System. Stellar Horizon The Stellar Horizon Project is the first exploratory effort by the Serenity Concord and Solas Tempus. The express purpose of the project is to explore new frontiers in the name of scientific discovery and forging of free trade and alliances. The effort is being undertaken by it’s flagship, the STV Stellar Horizon, which is a refit Nova Class Starship.
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