Angelic Sins

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Angelic Sins RP Setting [Angelic Sins] (2)
Lucky Number 18 ( 2 3 4 ) [Angelic Sins] (60)
The Greatest Show-woman (Open-ended) [Angelic Sins] (10)
Alone with Your Thoughts [Angelic Sins] (1)
The Trouble, The Hunter and The Victim (Edmond, Vlad and Theo) [Angelic Sins] (8)
Salvage Begins in Los Angeles [Morning Star News] (1)
Unexplained Deaths [Morning Star News] (1)
Explosion in the Desert [Morning Star News] (1)
The Years go Fast and the Days go Slow [Angelic Sins] (1)
Chancing into Chaos (Open Ended / Jason Talbard & Scarlet Aquinn) [Angelic Sins] (12)
The Storm of the Future Shall Come Soon Enough ( 2 3 4 ) [Angelic Sins] (65)
Occult Serial Killer At Large? [Morning Star News] (1)
Symbols in Blood and Sorrow ( 2 3 ) [Angelic Sins] (44)
Death of a Philanthropist (Open-Ended Murder Mystery) [Angelic Sins] (2)
Public Service Serial Killer [Morning Star News] (1)
Council Convened for Ongoing Murders [Morning Star News] (1)
Banishing the Spirits of the Past [Angelic Sins] (4)
忍の償還 Shinobu no shōkan (Redemption of a shinobi) [Angelic Sins] (2)
Serial Killer Still at Large [Morning Star News] (1)
Before and After (Joseline and Kaito) ( 2 3 ) [Angelic Sins] (46)
One step forward, Only to be sent back thousands more. (Drem & Lance) ( 2 ) [Angelic Sins] (25)
A Lover's Ear Will Hear the Lowest Sound (Lance and Drem) ( 2 ) [Angelic Sins] (34)
Hunting Trouble before Trouble Hunts Us All (Anya and Edmond) ( 2 3 ) [Angelic Sins] (49)
Trying to Get Out of the Frying Pan [Angelic Sins] (14)
Running Like Clockwork [Angelic Sins] (2)
New Blood Joins This Earth [Angelic Sins] (3)
The Fall: Aftermath [Angelic Sins] (2)
Beyond the Red Line [Angelic Sins] (2)