Blazing Umbra

This is the in character area for our Blazing Umbra Setting, see the wiki page. Set the in year 2381, there is an old threat that has been hidden in the shadows for decades now.

Media Content

Much like on the Discord server, this channel is for posting media content. Images, links to images, and other such things.

Phoenix Nebula

This is where all the creative ideas of the settings should be placed, from character submissions / ideas to the process of flushing out a story to be put into play.

Writers Room

If you've got something you'd like to write about, a story, some non-fiction, a poem even, this is where you'd post it. All commentary here is to be made and read as constructive criticism, if it is critical at all it is only to help people grow.

News and Announcements

This is where staff will keep in touch with the community at large as changes are made or upcoming events are announced.


Sometimes we all need to let off a little steam, this area is made for that.

Embers of Soteria

This is the in character area for our Embers of Soteria Setting, see our wiki page for more information. Within the small village the road to the kingdom proper passes right through the town, cutting through the forest.


This is where someone can go to request to start a new role play with anyone who might be interested in doing so.

Unlikely Kingdoms

If the role play doesn’t fit into any other particular area, it can fit here. This area can be good for developing new settings through role playing threads for universes which are not covered elsewhere.


This is entirely about character bios and the like. All character information for new players should be posted here by someone, preferably the player themselves but anyone can do it for them. Character bios should be posted using the template found in the Character Approval page.

Angelics Sins

Set in the modern day, with angels, demons, and all manner of creatures. It is a very dark world with very dark heroes and even darker villains. Read our wiki page for more information.

Burning Sweetly

This is our main out of character category where the whole community can talk and enjoy themselves outside of games.